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Sunglow Gecko


(not currently streaming) 

Sunglow Gecko is an exploration of introspection and an attempt to piece together fleeting moments of uncertainty.

Premiere: Sep 19th, 2020


Documentary Film by Kendra Epik

Featuring: The 2020/21 Company and Apprentice Dancers of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre

Original Music: Daniel Katsoras

An intimate look into the 509 DANCE studios as CCDT's Company dancers navigate dancing through the Covid-19 pandemic during the fall of 2020

Commission for Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre

Premiere: December 12, 2020



Through The Looking Glass
Colour Theory 

(not publicly streaming) 

We all have pre conceived notions about what red means

music by Daniel Katsoras


Premiere: Feb 3rd, 2020

A B R A X A S 

even when you feel like you are doing nothing, you are doing everything.

music by Daniel Katsoras

premiere December 3rd 2018

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